• 5% More payload
  • 40% Better insulation
  • Improved clean ability

Product development

Next to being a bridge to our partner manufacturers our aim is to go further. We take a lead in the areas of tank container product development and we offer solutions for market changes. By a way of our innovative light weight tank containers made of composite branded as “Tankwell”, we enable our customers to answer to corporate social responsibility. These tank containers have a conventional steel frame however the inner vessel, traditionally of stainless steel, is replaced by composite material. This type of tank container offers a significant saving in tare weight and greatly improved insulation properties when compared to the stainless steel alternative.

25%-40% lower tare weight

The tare weight of the vessel + frame is 25% to 40% lighter than conventional stainless steel tank with the same specification. This means simply that more product can be transported.

40% better insulation properties

Simultaneously composite has a 40% better insulation properties due to the decreased heat conductivity of the product. Therefore, the need for additional heating during transport or re-heating of the product before the liquid will be unloaded with the customer delivery can be reduced considerably. Both benefits contribute to less logistic operations which contribute to a positive impact on the environment and a reduction in CO2 emission.

Overview – where does a Tankwell tank container consist of?

Stainless steel (Fort Vale) bottom discharge.
(Fort Vale) Manhole
Stainless steel walkways
Insulation and glycol heating
ISO compatible steel swap body frame
Inner vessel made of composite

Benefits of Tankwell

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