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Flaxfield Tank Container Solutions has more than 50 years collective experience in the tank container market in the fields of sales, production and engineering of stainless steel 20 ft & swap body tank containers, carbon steel gas tank containers and more recently composite tank containers.

Our objective

Our objective is to offer our worldwide clients a European tank container partner who has a wide range of tank containers and related tank container products in the portfolio and additionally offer extensive engineering support and (after) sales services.


A full

range of tank containers

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We are the bridge between our clients and our partner manufacturers. Performing as this bridge we support our clients with our experience in the international tank container business and through answering engineering questions and giving after sales services by means of specifications, 3D drawings, project certifications and counseling.

Distinguished way of working

The knowledge and experience our small team has gained collectively in 50 years enables us to distinguish our way of working from other suppliers. Besides the guidance during a sales project we seek solutions for weight reduction, improved insulation, cost reduction, set up and improvement in production processes, increasing durability by choosing (other) materials and product development.



Saving tare mass and reducing CO2: tank containers made of composite

Next to being a bridge to our partner manufacturers our aim is to go further. We take a lead in the areas of tank container product development and we offer solutions for market changes. By a way of our innovative light weight tank containers made of composite branded as “Tankwell”, we enable our customers to answer to corporate social responsibility. The vessel of Tankwell tank containers are made of composite. The tare weight of the vessel + frame is 25% to 40% lighter than conventional stainless steel tank with the same specification.

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We offer our clients engineering back up by a way of specifications and 3D drawings which we create, develop and design ourselves. Also project certification and counseling are part of our engineering service.

Product development

In our team we have been working in the past decade on various product development projects. Tankwell light weight composite tank containersSpilltainers, fuel tanks for Defense are some examples.

Sales & aftersales

We are the bridge between the client and the manufacturer and do all the communication and correspondence for the client to the manufacturer. After the production of the tank containers we offer after sales support by means of our cooperation with independent depot Aspenal tank container services.



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