Flaxfield Tank Container Solutions (FFT) and Singamas (SMS) have been partners for more than 10 years. A unique combination of European engineering and highly automated Chinese manufacturing offering together a full package of tank containers and related services.

From the beginning of the set up of the manufacturing facility in Shanghai both companies have cooperated extensively to create a high end production facility which is efficient and flexible to meet the current demands in the market.

“As off the start of the production in 2006 the factory can produce more than xxx tank containers per annum and the assembly line has been erected in such a way that we can build small series of stainless steel tank containers with high end specifications but also large series with basic specifications and vice versa”, says Jan van Opstal managing director FFT. We can meet in this facility all the requirements which are demanded for tank containers ranging from 16200 to 38000 litre in T1 to T23 codes. This means that customized units with baffles, lining, heating and cooling systems are all part of the production process. Additionally, to be more specific a 20 ft iso tank with 39000 kg max. gross weight or a 28000 litre tank in a 20 ft overwide frame are familiar to us. Our tank containers are approved by international well known bodies as Lloyds and SGS but also by Russian Marine.
In order to be able to act swiftly to sudden requests from the market SMS manufacturers the dished ends in the production facility herself and also decoiling is done by own machinery. On that account the production line is flexible and investments are done to keep meeting the level of flexibility. Moreover, dished ends and tank spare parts can be delivered separately to worldwide customers.

“Our office in Rotterdam acts as a bridge between the customer and the Singamas plant in Shanghai. The engineering, communication and (after) sales support are done via our office in Europoort/Rotterdam. The advantage for the customer is not only the capabilities in engineering, 3d drawings, knowledge of approvals and calculations, product development and gained experience in the tank container market, but also lies in the European time zone we are situated in. On the other hand, the production facility is in Shanghai and the locations is near the deep sea harbor which means from logistical point of view also an advantage for the customer. One does not to have to go far into the country to pick up tank containers.

With regards to maintenance and re-work we can both in Shanghai in the factory as well as in Rotterdam/Europoort by satellite service centre Aspenal, provide tank container services as repairs, modifications, refurbishments, remanufacturing, etc. etc. which completes our tank container service package.
The nice thing about the partnership is that both companies complement each other by cooperating and strengthen each other by combining their forces”, concludes Jan van Opstal.