Of our company


More than

50 years of experience

with tank containers


Wide experience in tank containers

Our team has been working more than 50 years collectively in the tank container market. Experience has been gained in these years in sales, production and engineering of conventional stainless steel iso tank containers (20 ft and swap bodies), lined/baffled or other special tank containers and carbon steel gas tanks.

Worldwide sales

The team started with Dutch road tanker builder Holvrieka and continued for years with former South African manufacturer Consani. With Consani the team got experience in the worldwide sales of tank containers to small and large operators, leasing companies and investing companies. Also a lot of experience was obtained in depot work (testing, modifications, refurbs, cooling and heating units, lining, etc., etc.) and in special projects as own built army fuel tanks for the Ministry of Defense.

Establishment of Flaxfield

In 2004 was decided to establish privately owned Flaxfield Europe. Flaxfield was in the beginning the counselor and engineer of the new production facility of Singamas for tank containers. Since 2006 Flaxfield is the partner and worldwide sales office for Singamas tank containers. At the same time in 2006 tank repair depot Aspenal was raised in the Europoort (Rotterdam). In 2011 Flaxfield and Composite Production Technology B.V. began together a special project ‘tank containers made of composite’ with the name Tankwell, which led to production of the first composite tank containers produced in 2015.

Also as of 2015 Flaxfield started partnership with JOPM for the wider introduction of gas tank containers to the international market.

The future

We continue developing and in 2018 more new products in the area of tank containers and special projects are ‘under construction’.