An alternative
for static storage tanks


What is a


Spilltainers have been specially designed to allow tank containers to be used for static storage.
Environmental regulations require a provision is made for the containment of a spillage should that occur. The Spilltainer provides the peace of mind that any product escaping from a tank for whatever reason is collected and can be removed in a controlled manner.
The tank container is positioned on top of the Spilltainer and includes easy access to the connection point on the rear of the tank.

The larger capacity (37.000 litre) unit allows 20’ upto 36.500 litre swap body type tanks to be stored on top of Spilltainer. The smaller capacity (24.000 litre) unit is specially designed for limited space applications whereby only a 20’ tank can be stored on the Spilltainer.

For ease of transportation the tank can be positioned inside the Spilltainer and then positioned correctly at the storage location. Other frequently used names for Spilltainers are Spillage Containment Basins, (SCB), Product Containment Units (PCU’s), Spillage box, Spill tray and Spill tank container.


The Spilltainer is a Flaxfield product. It is designed in close collaboration with the regulatory bodies and has been tested to confirm loading capabilities under Lloyds supervision. All units are delivered from the Europoort location having been thoroughly inspected and completed and certified to include the necessary requirements for a product designed for this application. Each unit can be supplied with a certificate.

General specification:
  • Ex depot Rotterdam
  • Capacity: 37.000 litre: 9.125 mm x 2.995 mm x 1.500 mm
  • Capacity: 24.000 litre: 6.058 mm x 2.995 mm x 1.335 mm
  • Lloyd’s certification
  • CSC approved
  • Suitable for loaded tank container storage for
    ADR/RID class 3, 5, 6 and 9
  • Please contact us for a custom made version

Currently 2 capacities are available in our standard Spilltainer assortment: 24.000 litre and 37.000 litre. Other capacities can be delivered subject to engineering and development.

Spilltainers in stock

We have spilltainers in small quantities available ex stock. For the current stock situation please see our stock list.


Lloyd’s Register certification

Our Spilltainers are certified by Lloyd’s Register and are
CSC (Convention of Safe Containers) approved.
The Spilltainers are suitable to carry/store tank containers
with the following maximum allowable gross weight:

The 24.000 litre Spilltainer is 36.000 kg.
The 37.000 litre Spilltainer is 44.000 kg.