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tank containers

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Our stock of used tank containers ranges from 15.500 litre – 36.500 litre IMDG UN portable tank containers with various T-codes (T1 – T50, IMO 1, 2, 4 & 5).

Next to conventional insulated and steam heated tank containers we have also food tanks, baffled tanks and other varieties available! If you are looking for other capacities or types which are not on the website, please consult us. We are more than happy to assist you.



tank containers

ex stock

In the range of tanks on offer we always have a number of new tank containers in stock. These can be renumbered and made available at short notice. Having had no previous cargo these units can be used for either food or chemical transport.

The units are of a generic specification but can have modifications / additions made to the specification should that be required prior to delivery.
We currently have 26.000 litre T11 tanks available ex depot in Shanghai and ex depot Rotterdam.

After sales services

Our used and new stock tank containers can be bought “as is”. This condition allows the client to modify, refurbish or perform any other works to the tank purchased that they require. A tank would be supplied non tested but renumbered to the clients preferred numbering system.
Due to our close cooperation with Aspenal – tank container service, an offer can be prepared for a number of different options after the purchase of the tank, a periodic test, cosmetic enhancement, refurbishment, modification etc.
Also application of lining, mounting of cooling and heating units or fitting gps systems are possible.