Last week Tankwell tank containers,  officially opened their new premises to which the company has moved last summer. The new facility enables the young company to increase their production and to enhance the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

​G​uests from the food and chemical industry, transportation and leasing companies were offered an interesting program to illustrate the properties and manufacturing of the lightweight tank containers. ​

Experts from the logistics and composite community put the development of the Tankwell innovation into their specific perspective.

​A tour presented ​the attendees with a good insight into the innovative production processes​.​

Also new developments in the portfolio were announced:

​The​ anti static composite tank container ​- ​​suitable for products ​with ​a ​flashpoint below 60°C​ – is currently available​ and​ the​ lightweight ​ISO tank container ​​is planned for Q2/2018.