The premises

PORT 5612

Port 5612 in

Europoort (R’dam)

We are located in the Europoort in Rotterdam (ITT Europoort @ Harbour no. 5612). Harbour no. 5612 is a 130.000 m2 full service tank (container) depot with 10 companies offering complimentary services.  Being located in the heart of the Rotterdam harbor, chemical storage and production areas the site has excellent transport links and is the closest to the deep sea terminal.

ITT Europoort can be considered as Europe’s largest tank container depot. With so many companies complementing each other and cooperating, the concept can be described as unique and a one-stop-shop for all tank container enquiries.

Worldwide sales and engineering of new and used tank containers
International (road) tank transport of chemicals and food
Repairing, testing, modifying and refurbishment of tank containers
Cleaning of road tankers and tank containers (food and chemicals)
Storage of loaded and empty tank containers
Tyre specialist
Allround Truck Service
Developing and manufacturing of light weight composite tank containers
Service for building, maintenance and repair of pumps and compressors.